In May 2009 Dr. Isaac Goiz was able to put his method to the test at a clinic directed by Dr. Raymond Hilu in Marbella (Malaga). Over 200 patients were treated in four days. A blood sample was taken from the majority of the patients prior to being diagnosed and treated with the corresponding Biomagnetism pairs and another sample was taken afterwards in order to check if the microorganisms indicated as the cause of their pathologies were truly present in the blood after the treatment.

Dr. Raymond Hilu MD with Dr. Santiago de la Rosa MD invited patients from various countries such as the USA, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, India and Spain. There were also other MDs invited to observe, among them Dr. Conte MD, Dr. Limonti MD from Italy and Dr. Mary Staggs MD from England.

All patients were in pretty serious conditions. Blood tests were taken before and after each treatment.

Dr. Hilu commented afterwards: “It is one of the most effective therapies I have seen in all my years of practicing medicine. The most surprising part is its simplicity. And its main advantage is that it has no side effects.”

Clinical trial held in a clinic in Spain 

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