Biomagnetismo10_252x384Client lies fully clothed on a massage table

Then the therapist begins the process of testing the muscle reactions in the legs and feet by either placing magnets on various parts of the body or asking questions to determine where the magnets should be placed.

If a magnet is placed on a part of the body which is too acidic or too alkaline the right leg shortens or elongates (bio-resonance). The phenomenon of the muscles reactions is explained here.
When a second magnet is placed on the specific counter-part of the found point the two magnets (Biomagnetic Pair) create a magnet field in which the acidic or alkaline environment is neutralized and the legs even out. This is called the “Depolarisation of a Biomagnetic Pair”.

The magnets can be applied on the clothes without losing their therapeutic impact.

The magnets remain for roughly 20-30 minutes or until the legs remain even when the corresponding magnet is taken away.

After a session clients usually feel an immediate improvement in their energy level and a relief of either mental or physical pressure.

Prior to the Session

Please bring with you:

  • these filled-out forms
  • a pair of fresh socks
  • a new water bottle if you have a longer drive for after the session to avoid re-infections (see the info sheet ‘After Session Care‘)

Fees, Payment, and Cancellation Policy


$60.00 per hour hour

Usual time for a session: 60 min – 90 min

In the Lyme Magnetic Protocol there is one additional session which may (but does not have to) take up to 2 hours. In this session scars, injuries, etc are being thoroughly scanned to address all pathogens which might be hiding there.


I take cash and checks. Payment is expected at the time of the session.

Late Arrival:

Arriving late may result in a shortened session. Full session fees still apply. If you will be more than 15 minutes late, we may need to reschedule.


To avoid being charged the full amount of the session, please give me at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel.

Number of Sessions

It is advisable to repeat the sessions until the muscle testing does not show a shortening or elongation of the legs any longer when magnets are being applied.

For minor health issues this might be achieved in 2-3 sessions. For more complicated issues more sessions might be needed.

Specially, when it comes to chronic Lyme disease clients usually need up to 10 sessions. If the client has been struggling with chronic Lyme disease for more than 3 years it might take even more than 10 sessions, depending on the stamina of the body, the number of co-infections and how long the client has been ill.


The Biomagnetic Therapy is not recommended:

  • If there is a pace-maker or any other battery-driven device in or on the body
  • on pregnant women
  • on people who went through chemo-therapy in the past ten years due to high toxicity levels in the cells of the body

Please note:

Clothes: Once a magnet is placed on a point, to keep it from moving it is being fixed with painters tape so please wear long pants and long sleeves, if possible tight so that the fabric – and with it the magnets – do not move during the session.

Avoid Re-infection: do not eat or drink from any cup, mug, bottle etc which you have used prior to the session before it is sterilized (the dish-washer is usually hot enough to do the job).