“When I am working with someone, I find that I can’t see them or their illness on just a physical level.  There is so much that is always happening on the energetic and subtle levels that are also contributing to the person’s suffering.  We are not here in this world to suffer; we are here to find and enjoy our place in the creation around us.”

Most of my family is in the medical field, so it feels totally natural to find myself here. Even in high school, I spent my summer vacations working in a doctor’s office.  I attended nursing school for a year and found that I loved anatomy and physiology, and working with people, but I was continually disturbed by how patients were being treated.  This took me away from medicine for a number of years, but when I began meditating in 1994 I became intrigued with the healing I observed happening in others once the energetic levels were engaged and invoked.  It gave me to understand the connections between the physical organs and the subtle (spiritual and emotional) experiences of a person, and how to bring the two systems into balance with one another.  This realization reawakened a passion in me to play a role in the human journey from illness to wellness, and for many years I explored the energetic component in illness for myself and also with friends and family, and that is what led me to undertake the study and practice of Biomagnetism.

I completed the Goiz Biomagnetism Institute’s certification in Berkeley, CA with Dr. David Goiz in March 2015. In the same year I started the Lyme Magnetic Protocol training with Joan Randall at the Integrative Wellness Center in Woodstock, Vermont and completed the Levels 1-4 of the Lyme Magnetic Protocol by April 2017. In June 2017 I completed the MicrobioEnergetics’ certification in Miami, FL with Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios.